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Massage and Local Art is our business!

We celebrate over 12 years in Downriver Michigan!


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Our mission is to serve awesome massage:

   Healthy Massage - safe & professional

   Added Value Service - client is priority

   Affordability - "do-able" prices;  ASK!

   Availability - walk-ins; extended hours

   Continual READINESS - for community

Body Relief 4U services include: 

   CHAIR massage    

   FOOT massage

   TABLE massage

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REFER to Body Relief 4U. We do our best to serve awesome massage.

CALL & schedule now (734) 752-7885.  Credit and Debit cards are accepted! O

The benefits of massage can include pain relief and reduced anxiety.  Ongoing massage sessions are incorporated in the personal wellness plan of many Americans.  Our small business is unique in a good way!  We offer various massage modalities and custom session durations.

PROFESSIONAL ART:  Local Art is consigned at Body Relief 4U vendor events.  Fine arts and crafts such as, paintings, wood toys, jewelry, candles, and natural soaps serve to promote the senses. Sense therapies such as Color, Light, Music, and Aroma are promoted at Body Relief 4U.

Clarifications: Rated "G" service in sessions as we strive to uphold a safe, healthy community.  Body Relief 4U does NOT promote Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading, Psychic Reading, or Crystals; affiliate Massage Therapists must refrain from such while at/in Body Relief 4U vendor/contract realm(s).  No shirt, no shoes, no problem. These Body Relief 4U standards help specify the scope of our business. If you have any concerns please notify the owner, click 'Contact Information."

We are capable of, and enjoy, serving a diverse clientele. We appreciate working with artists and service professionals.  Each day we promote economic freedom the USA WAY; we do our part to enable those we serve.  Consignment opportunity available for Artists, if interested contact owner.

USA VETERAN-OWNED.  See how our SERVICE does make a difference!

Our motto is "Massage is Good!" 

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